Friday, March 27, 2009

APT STAIRS demo at the JISC Conference 2009

Last month, Nick Short (Project Director) and Sarah Sherman (Project Manager) with David Flanders (Lead for Technology) presented at the JISC Conference 2009 in Edinburgh. The presentation focused on the concept behind the APT STAIRS project and was delivered as one of the live, demonstration sessions. Delegates were told how the Bloomsbury team developed the model of a simple, step-by-step approach to adopting innovative technology to support learning, teaching, research and administration.

This diagram illustrates the technological gap - observed in Bloomsbury - between students and staff (represented in this cartoon as Lecturers). Simple technology, such as GoogleDocs, can be used to bridge the gap at level (1). As users develop their abilities and advance the staircase, they can try out more challenging tools.

Read more about the JISC Conference 2009 here.

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