Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Mobile launches tomorrow!

The long awaited Google mobile phone will be launched tomorrow in the states, which will no doubt run in competition with Apple's Iphone in the run up to Christmas. It's expected the Smartphone's will be released in the UK in November.

Google have kept quiet about the technology of the phone, so no one knows exactly what to expect, other than the mobile phone will run on 'Android', which is Google's own mobile operating system, and it will be touch screen with a pull out QWERTY keyboard. It will also have a built-in GPS (global positioning system), a tilt sensor for gaming and will be available exclusively on the T-Mobile network. We also expect that the new phone will be able to run Google's range of web applications, such as Google maps, Gmail, Googles new web browser Chrome and of course Google Docs : ) So hopefully we can start editing on Google Docs with Google's handheld device, and not just view!

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